Margarita Yurkova, artist, Moscow

Margarita Yurkova
Artist, Moscow

The fact that Iskan became possessed by the irresistible desire to paint is a manifestation of the child that lives in each of us but that few have the gift of acknowledge and understand. His is the joy of further discoveries, of each moment, each second, of the boundless joy from a pair of new shoes, brushes, paints – the joy from all the new toys that others don’t have and he himself hasn’t had his fill of. A new discovery, a new toy are there for the taking.

That is why and how Iskan’s works hit you – by their irrepressive momentum, their integrity and the joy of realizing oneself as a Co-Creator.

On the other hand, they are sharp and prickly. He seems to be saying: “I won't share them with anyone – it’s all mine.” But time will come and he will!

Realizing one's co-creation with oneself, with society, with the Almighty is the greatest understanding of the joy of existence.

But in Iskan the artist, there also lives an old genie, with his knowledge of the world of antiquity, the repository of wisdom and everything magic that passes from generation to generation and lives in that hidden chamber of the soul.

The mysteries of the East meet the West and can manifest themselves either in a genius or in idiocy, determining one’s unique self-awareness. And what is there to do if the manifestation is that of a child?