Excerpts from Iskan’s E-mail Correspondence

I have a dream: my pictures will have such an astral charge that instead of being hung on the wall they will levitate.

As you can see, I'm doing everything my own way. My pictures make themselves – from a kind of inexplicable faith in their own star.  

I have a nonstandard, non-kosher, nonconformist style – pas comme il faut.

I always liked to muse on  the art and the business of life, the principles of macro world, micro world, society, history and individual. Now I’ve got quite some to say. You ask what my artistic method is. Well, there’s no method, it all goes spontaneously. I think in metaphors. I generalize and then hone the image, making it expressive. I make the inner structures surface, to uncover the essence of things.  I remove the litter from a figurative representation, I throw out the noise and the background. You can say I boil it down to crystal, touching it up to achieve balance and harmony. In the end, only color and form are left. When I paint an abstraction, I generalize the figurative almost until the image disappears; when it becomes symbolic and bright, when a lot of content has been compressed into it – then it is ready to be transposed to canvas. Then I have to think about nothing except the painterly technique, and even to that I pay little conscious attention, only controlling the quality of what’s coming from under the brush. It all comes from inside. It all happens in my subconscious.