Inga Ricci, Fermo, Italy

Inga Ricci
Fermo, Italy

Iskan’s works are a kind of test of the acuteness of senses and associations in the world where shape and color are in harmony.

A few words about the philosophy of his pictures.

The viewers are presented with a cycle of geometric works where imagination is made to spin by the dynamics of the drawing. Shall we try to define who and what it is? Interesting, isn’t it?

The shades of colors play a major formative role in creating the image. We seem to peer into a phantasmagoric kaleidoscope and see a flower, a butterfly, a fish, a desert, a sabre, a car, a woman… – it's a one-on-one with eternity.
The word “picture” is a loaded one – like a part of the interior, like a part of the mood that is always welcome. A picture with life in it is always a worthy acquisition.

The magic of art is in communication. Iskander’s paintings are always about a subject that cannot be exhausted. The energy of his works is, dare I say, therapeutic; their secret is in the harmony of the contemplated and the desired. A kind of music sounds in each of them, making the mind itself play its tunes.